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Air-cooled Industrial Chiller

Air-cooled Industrial Chiller

RCW Series
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Detail Specifications / Descriptions

* U.S. Copeland fully-closed scroll compressor
* Chilled-water range 5~30° C (model with sub-zero range optional)
* Italian temp controller with LED display for precise, stable temp control
* SUS304 stainless-steel expansion tank with open chilled-water circulation design
* Heat exchanger of special materials as SUS304, 316 and titanium alloy
* Tolerance to +/-1° C if installed with hot-air bypass valve
* Water shortage warning device optional

Protection system:
▲Fuse-less switch
▲Compressor overload protection
▲Chilled water pump overload protection
▲Phase failure & reversal protection
▲Poor-heat-dissipation protection
▲Coolant insufficiency protection
▲Antifreeze protection
▲Adjustable relief circuit
▲Fan motor overload protection

Optional items:
▲Vertical high-pressure pump
▲Tank level and water-shortage warning system
▲Chiller tank/chilled water pump
▲RS485 communications interface

Air-cooled Industrial Chiller
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