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Protective components crucial in three areas for top supplier

2022/12/29 | By CENS

Major component suppliers are adjusting their operational strategies as long-term trends in specific markets have grown in size and demand.

Circuit protection component maker Thinking Electronic is such a company, with its newly-appointed general manager Chung Shih-yin noting that the company will expand investment into three fields by 2025: automotive, industrial control systems, and power supplies.

Thinking Electronic is also increasing investment into ICT, as well as bolstering applications for electric vehicles and low earth orbit satellites for markets like the U.S. and Southeast Asian markets like Vietnam.

Chung was speaking to the media after attending an investor conference seminar when he made these remarks. Thinking Electronic's former GM Ho Yi-sheng had recently announced his retirement, Chung took up the role and spoke to the media for the first time.

The company maintains a core competitive strength in areas like materials, product design, pre and post-production, and automated equipment, Chung explained. He added that specifically for sensor production, the company's factories in China are highly automated for efficiency.

From an application use, Chung said the company's products currently make up 12% of the application ratio in the automotive sector, and he expects that number will increase to 18% by 2025; for industrial control systems, the number would increase from 8% to 12%, and with power supply, the same application ratio figures should increase from 25% to 30%.

In terms of Thinking Electronic's plans for the EV sector, Chung said that protection components are becoming more and more crucial in the EV supply chain, and so the company has already begun expanding its footprint into charging piles, ADAS, and BMS applications. The company expects sales in the EV sector to increase from 6% to 9% by 2025.