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Intelligent Asia Mega Machinery Show kicks off Wednesday with 1,200 exhibitors

2022/08/24 | By EDN

The Intelligent Asia Mega Machinery Exhibition kicked off Wednesday at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. More than 1,200 exhibitors across nine major technology categories attended, including Automation, Robots, Logistics, Cold Chain, 3D Printing, Molds & Dies, Laser, Fluid Power, and Smart Machinery -- to highlight concepts of future factories.

President Tsai Ing-wen said in her speech during the opening ceremony that the mega show provides a significant stage for Taiwan's smart manufacturing and industrial strength. In the face of the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the machinery manufacturing industry is a stable force bolstering Taiwan's equipment and economy, setting the stage for local enterprises to gain international recognition for their innovation and talent.

President Tsai pointed out that in the post-pandemic era, Taiwan must grasp the business opportunities brought on by the supply chain restructuring and the digital transformation trend to actively promote the upgrading and transformation of enterprises and increase domestic investment confidence.

This series of exhibitions brings together Automation Taipei, Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robot Show, Taipei 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Show, Taipei Int'l Smart Mold & Die Industry Fair, Taipei Int'l Logistics & IoT Exhibition, Taipei Int'l Cold Chain Technology Exhibition, Laser & Photonics Taiwan, and Taipei Int'l Fluid Power Exhibition.

Among them, in addition to domestic manufacturers, the Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robot Show showcases companies from Germany, Japan, Switzerland, and more, exhibiting industrial computers, industrial control systems, key components, robotic arms, automation software, advanced plant equipment, measurement, and testing instruments, unmanned AGV, processing equipment, artificial intelligence applications, and other projects; in addition, in the service robot zone, benchmark companies are displaying the latest applications including remote operation and unmanned operation.

The exhibited items at the Taipei Int'l Smart Mold & Die Industry Fair include mold processing machinery, testing equipment, lamination manufacturing equipment, and modeling software. At the Taipei Int'l Logistics & IoT Exhibition and Taipei Int'l Cold Chain Technology Exhibition, the exhibited items include box-type storage robots, autonomous mobile robots, unmanned stackers, natural refrigerant refrigeration units, smart buffer air cushion machines, smart three-temperature-layer carriages, smart transportation systems, smart packaging equipment, high-speed automatic sorting machines, and more. Laser & Photonics Taiwan's exhibition scale also reached new heights this year as it enters its 10th edition. Finally, the Taipei Int'l Fluid Power Exhibition showcases high-quality precision components for automation equipment.

Show grounds of a previous edition of Intelligent Asia. Photo credit to Chan Chao exhibition company.Show grounds of a previous edition of Intelligent Asia. Photo credit to Chan Chao exhibition company.