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Genesis Photonics Inc.

specializes in automotive LED light source solutions.


Founded in Taiwan in 2002, Genesis Photonics Inc. provides TS16949 and E-mark / DOT / SAE specifications for professional LED light source integrated manufacturing companies. With the rapid development of high-illumination solid-state LED illumination with high-irradiance solid-state LED lighting technology, the global adoption of LED light source and smart design ratio has been rapidly increasing year by year. We have more than ten years of flip-chip technology experience to provide automotive lighting headlamp LED light source that is comparable to international manufacturers, and can be used flexibly with automotive lighting module companies to customize the light source required specifications.

Genesis Photonics Inc has five Advantages in Automotive Lighting Products

1. From EPI, flip chip, automotive wafer level package (CSP) to automotive optoelectronic integrated light engine

2. Full control of vehicle quality control and strict quality control, providing TS16949 and E-mark / DOT / SAE specifications

3. Vertical integration of flexibility and customization capabilities to meet the diverse needs of customers in LED automotive lighting.

4. Actually equipped with AM/OE/Modified Automotive Lighting Market

5. Product integrity, including headlights, fog lights, direction lights, DRL, tailed lights and other LED light source program.

For more information, please visit our official website. www.gpiled.com