Easen Hardware Serves as Reliable Supplier of Hand Tool. and Auto Maintenance Tools

May 09, 2018 Ι Supplier News Ι EASEN HARDWARE CORP. Ι Hardware & Tools Ι By Alan Lu, CENS
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■ Hsiao Yung-le

Easen Hardware Corp., a world renowned professional hand tool and automobile maintenance tool set manufacturer, was founded in 1983, and is the original equipment manufacturer of top 3 retailers in the US and top 10 hand tool OEM brand in the Americas, Europe, and Russia. The company has customers around the globe. The company promotes itself in the global market through digitalization, cultivating the market, and professional integration experience. It is now one of the brands in the Taiwan Excellence product.

Easen Hardware Corp. mainly manufactures hand tool set, socket, bottle gourd shape handle, air tool, etc., and is very good at vertical industry integration and manufacturing small quantity of products with large variety and flexibility. All products go through strict quality control by professionals. Certified by ISO9001:2008, the products of Easen must to go through inspections from manufacturing, quality inspection, and packaging before shipping to customers. The persistence on quality makes the company stand out among their competitors and created excellent reputation in the industry.

In 2011, the company implemented automated warehouse system to expand capacity and fulfill customers' need in their headquarters in Nantou, Taiwan. Automated warehouse system can speed up the sorting and categorizing of products, quickly ship small quantity orders, ship urgent order in limited time, reduce labor cost, increase advantage over competitors and service quality, and provide products with more competitive price and higher quality.

Easen Hardware Corp. thinks highly of the strengthening of internal information and implemented ERP system in order to swiftly control and adjust production, develop for growth, and respond to customer feedback. The system enhanced the promotion of efficiency and stabilized quality control. At the same time, the company is able to provide more precise production status for customers. The company services customers around Europe, Asia, Russia, North America, and Latin America. Therefore, the company profoundly understands the needs and changes of worldwide hand tool market, wins long term trust from customers and recognition from new customers. What Easen provides to customers is the market value that the company creates together with its customers.

Variety, variation, and efficiency have become the keys to success when facing fierce global competition. We demonstrate advantage from consistent operation in design, sample production, quality inspection, packaging, automated warehouse, and logistics. We can handle the production of small quantity with variety as well as mass production so as to fulfill needs from different level of customers. The company thinks from the aspects of the market, user, and product to build the perfect solution for customers and help customers to establish their brand. Website: www.easentools.com.tw

Easen’s automatic inventory system. (photo courtesy of Easen Hardware)

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