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Weiten Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Ceiling fans, ceiling fans with lights, ceiling lights, Bluetooth ceiling fans


Ever since founded in 1984 in Fengyuan in Taichung City, central Taiwan, which is home to domestic ceiling fan makers, Weiten Enterprise Co., Ltd. has worked on production of such products for over 30 years as a specialized supplier.

Starting out by supplying ceiling fan parts, such as balancing kits, blades, etc., Weiten therefore possesses abundant know-how to design and develop various ceiling fans on its own. Backed by this advantage, along with well-honed manufacturing skills, the firm has effectively built a solid reputation in the Taiwanese market with its practical, functional products, which are suitable for household and industrial use.

For instance, Weiten worked out Taiwan's first homegrown ceiling fan with blades over 660mm in length, which, offering strong wind flows, proved sought-after by domestic consumers and professionals.

To enhance added-value of conventional ceiling fans, the R&D-driven manufacturer has worked out a series of models powered by blushless DC electric motors to address demand for energy-saving electrical appliances, as well as those with LED lights and Bluetooth-enabled remote control.

Underling the success and popularity of Weiten's ceiling fans developed in line with market trends is that over 300 local agents distribute the firm's products, including those mentioned above, under its “WEDES” brand, presently. Some of the company's products are shipped to customers on an OEM and ODM basis.

With devotion to satisfying customers and consumers with the best quality and safety, Weiten has also attained a track record of excellence by having its products pass various certifications, including CN53765 (the strictest safety standard established by Taiwan's National Standard Inspection Bureau), Energy Label and MIT Smiling Mark.

A time-tested, high-profile supplier of its kind in Taiwan, Weiten is ready to explore overseas markets and welcomes any kind of cooperation with foreign customers.