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YIYI Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Membrane switch, membrane, flexible printed circuit, rubber keypad, silicone rubber keypad, keypad, EL panel, PCB board, name plate, rigid board

2016/10/03 | By CENS | YIYI ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.

Ever since established in 1974, YIYI Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to developing and manufacturing membrane-related products, keypads and printed circuit boards, giving the company over 40 years of engineering and manufacturing expertise.

The company's product lineup is composed of membrane switches, flexible printed circuit boards, rigid-flex boards, electro luminescent boards, silicone rubber keypads and various nameplates, which are mainly applied in PC peripherals, beauty equipment, aeronautical equipment, remote controls and other instruments.

For the time being, YiYi Enterprise operates two ISO-9001-certified factories in Taiwan, in which varieties of specialty machines and precision testing instruments are employed to enable full-cycle production in house, while rigorous, precise tests on materials and parts in each step throughout the production, as well as 100% quality inspection on finished products before shipment, are carried out in compliance with international standards.

Backed by abundant know-how and advanced production technologies, the company capably handles contract orders for various products and FPCs on an OEM (original equipment manufacturing) and ODM (original design manufacturing) basis, and is able to design, develop and manufacture new products that carry customers' trademarks.

To help customers better compete in their markets with its products, the company uses only top-graded, eco-friendly materials that pass SGS and RoHS certification, and consistently offers on-time delivery and value-added service. Plus, all the products the maker delivers are completely made in Taiwan without being outsourced, so as to assure end-users of reliable, consistent quality.

While YIYI's products have been well-received at home, the company has also enjoyed a solid reputation as a trustworthy, competent supplier of its kind among professional buyers from the U.S., Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and China.