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Trunk Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

LED lighting


Trunk Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in LED lighting, including light bulbs, recessed lights, bay lights, batten lights, MR16s, ceiling lights, T8 light tubes, and luminaries.

The company's line of light bulbs is made up mainly of 3W, 6W, 9W, 10W, and 12W lamps meant to replace incandescent bulbs. Its T8, an ideal replacement for fluorescent T8 tubes, delivers comfortable light suitable for reading, group meetings, and working.

Its bay lights generate 95 lumens per watt thanks to a directional emitting design, and reach full brightness almost instantly.

The firm's recessed lights come in 30W and 50W power ratings and are made to replace recessed lighting fixtures using 23W or 27W compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). Compared with CFLs, the 30W light delivers 50% energy savings and the 50W light delivers an energy saving of 30%. Both have five to 10 times the lifespan of CFLs.

The batten lighting fixtures, which come with built-in light sources, produce 100 lumens per watt, deliver over 50% energy savings, and can maintain normal lumens over 40,000 hours.

Trunk Lighting's LED MR16, designed to replace halogen MR16 lights, produces more lumens than a 20W incandescent bulb does with 50 times the lifespan. Its AR111, meant to replace traditional halogen lamps, is ideal for a variety of applications including indoor beautification, advertisement lighting, and artwork lighting.