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Shin Chun Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Terminal screws, concrete screws, self-drilling screws, SEMS screws, self-tapping screws, automotive fasteners, collated screws

2014/12/23 | By Steve Chuang | SHIN CHUN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.

Established in 2003, Shin Chun Enterprise Co., Ltd. (SCE) is dedicated to making various screws as a world-caliber supplier certificated by ISO-9001 and TS16949.

SCE currently supplies automotive screws, chipboard screws, cap screws, concrete screws, machinery screws, drywall screws, one-way screws, SEMS screws, self-drilling screws and collated screws, etc., all well received by professional buyers in North America and Northeast Asia.

High production efficiency with minimal defect rate is SCE's major competitive edge, attained by a full line of semi-automatic manufacturing facilities employed in-house, including roller, laser and optical sorting machines, as well as the application of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software in production management and daily operations.

To assure customers of unquestionable quality, SCE carries out strict spot-check throughout the production process, as well as pre-delivery quality inspection at its QC lab, which has been accredited by TAF and IEC 17025 and equipped with advanced inspection instruments, such as X-ray film thickness checkers, 3D projectors, computer-controlled material testing machines, and metallography machines.

Shin Chun is an eco-conscious manufacturer who has spent considerable time and resources improving production processes to meet environmental protection regulations and turn out various eco-friendly products. The ISO-14001-certified company emphasizes that chrome VI-free products account for over 43% of its overall output, and the percentage will continue to increase in the short term.

To better fill customers' large-quantity orders, SCE has expanded its newly constructed factory with packaging lines to further improve delivery. Moreover, this factory employs advanced heading and threading machines that are capable of turning out bigger-sized screws ranging from 10mm to 300mm in diameter, and features factory layout measuring up to international standards and a clean, aesthetic work environment where the ground is Epoxy-coated. (SC)