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Lung Cheng Hang Co., Ltd.

Motorcycle clutch parts, motorcycle CVT parts, motorcycle replacement and performance CVT parts, etc.

2014/10/31 | By CENS | LUNG CHENG HANG CO., LTD.

Founded in 2002 by a group of specialists in the motorcycle parts industry, Lung Cheng Hang Co., Ltd. is a specialized developer and manufacturer of continuous variable transmission (CVT) parts mainly for motorcycles and motor scooters.

The firm boasts advanced mold/die development technology, strong manufacturing capability, and abundant R&D experience, which it uses together with the latest market information to develop market-leading products.

Lung Cheng Hang's main product lineup includes powered two-wheeler (PTW) engine parts, clutches, clutch parts, scooter pulleys, scooter clutches, scooter drive plates, scooter drive-trains, clutch housings, clutch carrier assemblies, pulley assemblies, variable pulleys, CVT system assemblies, CVT parts, performance parts, cooling fan blades, drive plates, standard hyperbolic pulleys, drive shafts, enlarged pulleys, other motorcycle parts, and many other items developed as a result of its market-information collection efforts and the special requirements of its customers.

The parts maker claims in-house mold/die development expertise which helps it to meet specific custom requirements and specifications. The strong manufacturing capability achieved by using the most advanced and high-precision equipment gives Lung Cheng Hang confidence in its ability to supply only the highest-quality products to customers worldwide.

With unmatched know-how and experience in the CVT business, Lung Cheng Hang offers a comprehensive range of CVT assemblies and parts for most of the world's scooter makes and models. In addition, company officials claim, the company offers a response time from receipt of a sample or blueprint to delivery of the finished product that puts it at the head of the pack.