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Zhenghe Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Die-cast zinc and aluminum-alloy gardening shears/scissors for flowers, grass, hedge, and harvesting


Founded in 1989, Zhenghe Enterprise Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing die-cast zinc and aluminum-alloy gardening shears, including flower scissors, grass shears, hedge shears, pruning shears, long-reach pruners, and trimmers.

In 2011 the company installed additional assembly lines, enabling it to better meet customer demand with in-house handling of all production processes except tooling and plastic injection molding. The following year the firm built a new 7,200-square-foot assembly plant to work with its existing 25,200-square-foot plant, providing the horizontal and vertical integration needed to turn out a wider range of products and offer all-round services.

Working with six die-casting machines, Zhenghe continues to procure advanced production equipment and upgrade its know-how while focusing on quality control in order to boost its defect-free rate. Enhancing quality and lowering production costs remain the company's top priorities.

The conscientious and practical Zhenghe has significantly increased the added value of its products. In addition to domestic sales, the firm exports its products to North America and Europe, and welcomes OEM, ODM and custom orders.