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Koyo Battery Co., Ltd.

MF motorcycle batteries, conventional motorcycle batteries, VRLA batteries, etc.

2013/05/31 | By CENS | KOYO BATTERY CO., LTD.

Over the more than 43 years since its founding in 1969, Koyo Battery Co., Ltd. has grown into a leading Taiwanese manufacturer and exporter of high-quality lead-acid batteries. The company continues to focus on developing newer and better products and on the constant improvement of know-how and product quality.

The battery maker markets products around the world under its own "KOYO" brand, which has become a major nameplate in the international market that is recognized for high quality, durability, and stability.

According to company executives, "Koyo guarantees leading technology and supreme quality to energize your sales by offering batteries with higher efficiency and longer life!"

The expertise and know-how that Koyo has accumulated over the years gives it the capability of developing various kinds of standard and rechargeable sealed lead-acid batteries, including MF (maintenance free) and VRLA (valve-regulated lead–acid) models for a wide range of applications including powered two-wheelers (PTWs), ATVs, snowmobiles, water sport vehicles, e-motorbikes, electric mini-scooters, and automobiles.

With the latest production facilities and computerized management, Koyo claims a monthly capacity of 150,000 units of products that meet ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001, and UL standards for VRLA batteries.

Koyo says that its top priority is to offer its customers the very best in quality, service, and price, and that it is fully confident of its ability to satisfy customers everywhere with the products that come from its modern, integrated 200-worker factory in central Taiwan.