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Kai Zhi Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Carburetors, repair kits, camshafts, piston sets, CNC lathing


Kai Zhi Enterprise Co., Ltd. has accumulated several decades of experience as a manufacturer of carburetors and repair kits for a variety of vehicles and machinery.

The company's products cover not only carburetors and repair kits, but also camshafts, pistons for fuel-sending units, piston sets, intake housing, intake valves, needle seat assemblies, brass needle valves, idle mixtures, PWK carburetors, and carburetor kits, mostly for automobiles, agricultural machinery, snowmobiles, outbound engines, lawn mowers, generators, and wood sawing machines. It also specializes in CNC lathing.

A consummate production capability plus a rich store of accumulated know-how makes Kai Zhi a highly competitive supplier in the increasingly challenging market. The company says that all of its carburetors and related parts are meticulously made using techniques that guarantee such a high degree of precision, excellent quality, and strong durability that they are a match for their original equipment (OE) models.

The company's products have been well recognized by professionals for many years and are exported all over the world. They are especially welcomed in Southeast Asia and Latin America for their unparalleled quality and reasonable prices.