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Pengteh Industrial Co., Ltd.

Rivets, screws, and special parts


Ever since its inception in 1987, Pengteh Industrial Co. has devoted itself to making fasteners and special parts for industrial use. Today, it is seen as a Taiwanese veteran in its field.

Backed by efficient production at its two factories in Taiwan and China, where a total of over 200 sets of advanced production machinery hum throughout the year, the company is capable of turning out 400 to 700 metric tons of fasteners with a variety of specifications and sizes every month. Its advanced packaging and palletizing lines have helped the company become noted for its guaranteed accurate, on-time delivery.

To ensure consistent quality, the company insists on implementing by-the-book quality-control policies. As a result, it has won ISO 9001/2008 and PPAP certifications, giving it an advantage over its emerging competitors.

Consummate know-how in regard to materials has also contributed to the company's success, allowing it to use the skillful application of various metal materials, such as carbon steel, brass, aluminum, and stainless steel, to make sure that the quality of its output measures up to ever-changing demands.

Pengteh's product line covers a wide range of fasteners, including semi-tubular rivets, solid rivets, shoulder rivets, blind rivets, eyelets, split rivets, binder post and screw sets, Taptite and Plastite screws, PT-screws, SEMS screws and specials from customer's design, 100% of which are exported. After more than 25 years of dedicated development of overseas markets, the company has built solid business links with customers from the whole world.