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Stead Fast Industrial Co., Ltd.

Hex head screws, socket cap screws, hex flange screws, rivets, fasteners


Stead Fast Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1975 and today is a veteran manufacturer of a variety of standard and special fasteners based in Kaohsiung City, southern Taiwan. The company's constant business mantra is “Quality First, Service First and Competitive Prices.”

The key to Stead Fast's sustainable development over the decades has been its continuous effort to improve technology and upgrade production facilities. This enables the firm to satisfy clients with not only high-quality fasteners at competitive prices, but also all-around manufacturing services that can generate the added value they need to better compete in their markets.

As it advances into the next stage of its development, the company has expanded its factory area from some 1,980 square meters to over 5,000 square meters. Its factory layout and production management have earned ISO-9001 certification. With brand-new production facilities, the time-tested manufacturer envisions a brighter business future for both itself and its customers.

Stead Fast's product line is focused on fasteners for motorcycles and automobiles, including hex head socket cap screws, hex flange screws, weld screws, special screws, carriage screws, shoulder screws, square head screws, triangular screws threads, high/low thread screws, and rivets, along with machinery screws and CNC lath parts. The company exports its products to Southeast Asia, North America, Central and South America. and Europe.