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Special Rivets Corp.

Blind rivets, riveting tools, riveters, rivet gun, pneumatic riveters, blind nuts, rivet nut, rivet nut tool, etc.


Ever since its establishment in 1983, Special Rivets Corp., also known as the SRC Group, has been making blind rivets and riveters. Based in central Taiwan's Taichung City, the company takes pride in its ISO 9001: 2008-certified factories in Shanghai and Jiashan, China, which are equipped with complete sets of advanced production and quality inspection equipment imported from Japan and Germany.

With a focus on R&D and a reputation for quality and reliability, Special Rivets Corp. (or SRC) offers DIN 7337-, IFI-, and ISO-approved blind rivets available in Standard Open End Type, Closed End Type, Multigrip Type, Peel Type, Large Flange Type and High Strength Type. SRC supplies riveters and blind nuts as well.

SRC employs an automated warehousing system for easy storage and retrieval, efficiently handling up to 50,000 bins of finished products. This enhances the company's competitiveness as well as its OEM and order-filling capabilities.

As one of Asia's largest blind rivet suppliers in terms of output, SRC turns out over 6 billion blind rivets and 2 million riveters yearly and racks up annual revenues of around US$20 million. The firm has built up a solid reputation in global markets and now exports 80% of its output. It offers OEM, ODM, and customization services, and welcomes inquiries for more information.