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Tele Long Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Electronic components and parts,including switches, sockets, circuit breakers,connectors,plugs,jacks, adapters,fuse holders,RF connectors(BNC, TNC,SMA,SMB,MCX...)


Established in 1986 and based in southern Taiwan's Tainan City, Tele Long Enterprise Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing a variety of electronic components and parts for audio, video, computer, and telecommunications products. Working constantly for sustainability, the firm has built up a sound reputation and is known for reliability and dedicated service.

Tele Long's catalog encompasses switches, rocker switches, sockets, circuit breakers, connectors, microphone connectors, USB connectors, RF connectors (BNC, F, TNC, SMA, SMB), plugs, banana plugs, jacks, adapters, fuses, fuse holders, terminal blocks, power cords, alligator clips, pin holders, test leads, and audio/video cables, among other parts. Most of the products carry TÜV and CUL approval.

Backed by over 20 years of experience, the company is able to carry out design and offer all-in-one services, and all of its products are strictly tested to guarantee quality. Product improvement, equipment upgrading, and mold development are constant efforts in the quest to satisfy all customer needs.

Tele Long engages continuously in the development of innovative, quality products, and provides OEM, ODM, and customization services to better serve its customers. The firm exports 65% of its output, and has established a solid foothold in overseas markets.