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2011/06/16 | By Ben Shen | OHLA PLASTICS CO., LTD.

OHLA Plastics Co., Ltd., founded in 1989, is a very experienced maker of plastic and metallic furniture parts, mostly plastic injection-molded parts, metallic hardware, office chair casters, office and household furniture parts, adjustable casters, hand tools, lazy susans etc.

With a modern factory of 28,000 square feet and systematic management, OHLA adopts integrated production to ensure high product quality as well as production capacity.

High-end OA furniture parts developed by OHLA.High-end OA furniture parts developed by OHLA.

To offset higher priced raw materials, the company adopts various ways to cut costs to stay competitive. Besides adopting price-competitive but qualitative materials, the company also keeps product quality high by cooperating with first-grade metal surface treatment factories; while long-term partnerships with subcontractors help to achieve cost-savings in production that may be passed onto buyers.

OHLA says the goal is to help customers create bigger profit margin with the supply of reliable, marketable products. (BS)

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