Taiwan's Leading Cement Firms Invest Over NT$1 B. to Expand Output

May 03, 2011 Ι Industry In-Focus Ι General Items Ι By Ben Shen, CENS
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Taipei, May 3, 2011 (CENS)--Taiwan's leading producers of cement and premixed concrete, including Taiwan Cement Corp., Asia Cement Corp., Goldsun Construction and Development Corp., and Universal Cement Corp., will invest more than NT$1 billion to boost production capacities, including the procurement of land, this year.

Thanks to continued implementation of public construction projects, domestic premixed concrete market will show a rosy picture this year, encouraging domestic makers to expand production facility. For instance, Asia Cement has kicked off construction of two plants of premixed concrete.

Goldsun said it will set up two or three new plants in central Taiwan. Universal Cement noted its new plant in Changhua County, central Taiwan will be operational sometime in July or August. The company is also seeking a new site in Taipei area to locate a new plant.

Taiwan Cement predicted Taiwan will see shipments of premixed concrete grow at least 12% year-on-year this year. The company is seeking allies from domestic premixed concrete sector.

Despite unsatisfactory shipments of cement over the past three years, Taiwan Cement has seen the proportion of premixed concrete to overall sales increase to over 40% in 2010 from less than 40% three years ago. The company has set a goal to ship 5.7 million cubic meters of premixed concrete this year, representing an increase of 500,000 cubic meters year-on-year.

Yadong Premixed Concrete Co., which Asia Cement has over 90% stake, currently has 22 premixed-concrete plants around the island. Asia Cement said its shipments of premixed concrete will continue to grow this year and has resolved to add one or two plants in the foreseeable future.

Goldsun said it would invest over NT$300 million to set up two or three new plants of premixed concrete in central Taiwan this year. The company said its expansion is designed to cash in on the construction of rapid transit systems in Taichung City.
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