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2010/07/26 | By Steve Chuang | SPECIAL RIVETS CORP.

Special Rivets Corp., founded in 1983 and also known as SRC Group, has been engaged in production of various rivets and riveter tools as a seasoned maker in the line.

The ISO-9001: 21008 certified company turns out over 6 billion rivets in different specifications as well as 2 million various related tools, including manual riveters, pneumatic riveters and professional riveters, a year, and claims that it is Asia's largest blind rivet supplier in terms of annual output.

Over the years, the company has developed consummate production and R&D capability and installed advanced production and quality inspection equipment imported from Japan and Germany at its factories in China, all helping to ensure reliable, consistent product quality.

Besides, the company is noted for adopting an automated storage and retrieval system which can handle 50,000 bins of finished products and enhance production and warehousing efficiency. This advantage boosts the company's competitiveness as an OEM, and enhances its distribution capability when engaged in OBM operation. (SC)

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