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Bor Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd.

Barber scissors, office scissors, tailor scissors, PVC pipe cutters

2010/07/26 | By Steve Chuang | BOR SHENG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.

Inaugurated in 1989 in Taiwan's central county of Taichung, Bor Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd. has been working hard to develop and produce scissors and cutters, having won solid reputations in the segment of the world.

The company insists on adopting various high-grade steel in production and conducting strict heat treatment to achieve structural durability and high hardness of scissors' blades, helping the firm become a trustworthy OEM in the line. Drawing seasoned expertise in the line, the company has also been increasingly well-known for its ODM business.

The company's newest multifunctional scissors can perform two functions, trimming and cutting, and is quite effort-saving. For good utility, the scissors' blades are replaceable, perfect for industrial, DIY and office use.

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