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Stainless scissors, wire cutters, electrician scissors, cable stripp

2009/07/30 | By Ben Shen | BOR SHENG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.

Bor Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd., established in 1989 in Taichung County, central Taiwan, has been dedicated to manufacturing scissors and cutters for different purposes. The company's products are suitable for use in barbershops, offices, kitchens, tailors, and gardens, etc.

Among the firm's wide-ranging product lines are wire cutters, stainless steel scissors, DIY tools, electrician scissors, heavy-duty scissors, barber scissors, carpet scissors, heavy-duty snips, garden shears, garden scissors, cable shears, cable cutters, cable strippers, kitchen shears, stationary scissors, office scissors, tailor scissors, pipe cutters, and PVC pipe cutters.

Bor Sheng has recently launched a new product series-the multifunctional cutter, which features replaceable blade to prolong the cutter's lifespan. The blades are made of SUS440 stainless steel for enhanced durability and sharpness, and can cut wooden materials, pipes and cables.

The cutter, with aluminum alloy-made handles and improved mechanical design, is lighter than rival models. Patented in Europe, the U.S., Japan and Taiwan, the product is ideal for IDY, maintenance and construction uses.

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