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E-Green Corp.

Sprinklers, garden hoses, joints, spraying nozzles

2008/08/14 | By Steve Chuang | E-GREEN CORP.

E-Green Corp., headquartered in Taiwan's central county of Changhua, has been dedicated to production and development of sprinklers for use in gardens as a veteran supplier in the line.

E-Green provides a wide range of lawn and garden sprinklers and spraying nozzles.E-Green provides a wide range of lawn and garden sprinklers and spraying nozzles.

Incessant pursuit for superb production capability drives the company to build sound, integrated production lines in house, enabling the firm to make rapid delivery to its clients. Also, the company effectively applies its strong technical know-how and production capability to R&D, able to develop new products on its own.

The company supplies a wide range of garden tools and related accessories, including lawn and garden sprinklers, hose nozzles, hose connectors, hose hangers, hose repair kits, rain gauges, sprays, plastic rooster wind vanes, vinyl hose washers, spring hose sets, changeable multifunctional water sprayers, brass hose nozzles, brass connectors, fabric hoses, double-ended connectors and universal tap adaptors.

With reliable quality, the company's products have proven popular in major markets of the world, including Europe and North America.

E-Green Corp.

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