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LVD Lamps: Light Without Much Heat over a Wide Range of Uses--The publishing of...

Interview with Jack Chen, general manager of LVD International Light & Energy Corp. LVDs and LEDs have many similarities; their initials are different in only one letter, both are members of the new generation of lighting, and both offer green-lighting advantages such as energy conservation, carbon reduction, high power factor, low lumen depreciation, minimal power wastage, flicker-free perf... Full Story

Cheng Chi Metal Factory --Metal-tube KD furniture, liquor cabinets and racks, m...

Ever since its establishment in 1982, Cheng Chi Metal Factory has specialized in developing and manufacturing metal furniture and hardware products for household use. Cheng Chi is notable for its globally proven R&D, resulting partly from a dedication to continuous improvement based on decades-long practice, and partly from close partnerships with prominent Japanese enterprises such as Sanyo E... Full Story

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